• SuperSprings are manufactured from SAE 5160H (51% alloy, 60% carbon) high-grade steel, shot peened to relieve spring stress and extend product life.
  • SuperSprings use a dual-roller shackle. The shackle has an inner roller and an outer roller. As the factory springs extend to the rear, the roller facilitates the movement.
  • Using our customized tools, SuperSprings installations can be completed in less than an hour. Installation does not require disassembly of factory spring assemblies.
  • SuperSprings automatically activate as loads are applied. They work when they need to without the need for manual adjustments.
  • SuperSprings reduce rear end sag and sway without compromising ride quality. They reduce body roll and provide greater driver control.
  • SuperSprings work in conjunction with leaf spring suspension systems. They enhance the total suspension system, not just a single component.

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