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Cap-it was built as much for you as it was for your truck. With dozens of locations around North America, we want you to feel comfortable visiting our stores. It’s fun to browse our huge stock of wish list-worthy products, or to come see us with a specific product in mind. We are the truck people. You can feel at home here.

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When pulling it yourself isn’t an option (and believe us, it’s not), you’ll want to get a tow hitch. Cap-it’s wide range of towing products lets you handle extra heavy loads with confidence and ease. Hitch your RV or boat and set out on your next family adventure, or tow a trailer stacked with heavy machinery to your next job site. Hitches or receivers also make a perfect mounting point for bike racks, cargo baskets and portable winches. Get a reliable connection between your vehicle and whatever you need to pull behind it. Whether it’s for work or play, we’ve got you covered. When you’ve got a tow hitch, there’s no need to break a sweat. Did you know that you need a hitch to mount your new bike rack? Whether it’s an RV, boat, or bike rack, you shouldn’t have to worry about getting it down the street or up the mountain. Use hitches and receivers when you’re on the job, or getting ready for the most epic camping trip of the year. Cap-it carries a large selection of different tow hitches. Choose the one that works best for you and your situation. Pull any sized load--no extra gym days required.
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