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Give your truck more ground clearance with a leveling kit. These are perfect for anyone who wants an adventure but are new to off-roading, or doesn’t plan on scaling Mount Everest in their Jeep...today. With a leveling kit, your vehicle will look more aggressive, but will maintain your pre-kit ride’s quality and handling. Why should you get a leveling kit? When trucks come out of the factory, they’re lower in the front than at the back. This is so once you load the bed, the truck will sit level. If you don’t like the uneven look you get when your truck’s bed is empty, a leveling kit will keep your truck sitting even, regardless of the weight in the back. You’ll get nice ground clearance at the front, too, which is useful if you’re doing light off-roading (although for the serious off-road enthusiast, we highly recommend a lift kit). Most of the leveling kits we install are OE warranty approved, so it’s the perfect solution when you want to give your ride just enough of a lift to handle some rugged terrain without breaking the bank.
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