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Tackle tough terrain with off-road accessories.

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Cap-it was built as much for you as it was for your truck. With dozens of locations around North America, we want you to feel comfortable visiting our stores. It’s fun to browse our huge stock of wish list-worthy products, or to come see us with a specific product in mind. We are the truck people. You can feel at home here.

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At Cap-it, we love off-road adventures as much as you do. We’ve sourced the highest quality off-road accessories and made them available at our stores so you can find exactly what you want, when you want it. Our off-road accessories are engineered to keep you safe and feeling confident on every single adventure you choose to take. Make your vehicle stronger, safer and taller so you’ll know you can handle anything the terrain throws your way. Give your vehicle the strength it needs to keep up with you when you want to take your life outdoors. Cap-it’s huge selection of off-road accessories gives you the ability to increase the height of your vehicle so that you can tackle the toughest of tough backcountry situations. With a taller ride, you’ll be able to climb over bigger boulders and conquer more aggressive terrain than ever before. We even sell drivetrain upgrades (like air lockers) so you can get 100% traction on demand. An assortment of personalized options let you design every detail on your ride, just the way you want it. Roll into your local Cap-it store and talk to one of our experts about how to upgrade and personalize your vehicle with bumpers, winches, recovery gear, and lighting - tools that are essential in keeping you safe in off-road and backcountry environments.
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