Why Buy Winter Wheels?

“Should I invest in a set of winter wheels as well?”

Let’s talk about that. Winter wheels are incredibly beneficial to have for several reasons. The benefits of buying a set of winter wheels with your winter tires are both, practical and financial. Let’s see what they are.

#1. Cost of wheels < Cost of mounting each season

Most people believe that buying a second set of wheels for your winter tires is an extra cost & you can save money by just having them mounted on your original equipment wheels. However, if you look at the cost of labour for mounting & balancing over the life of your new winter tires, you might change your mind. Manufacturers say the average set of winter tires last 6 winter seasons; if you were to have your summer & winter tires swapped twice a year over the course of 6 years, you would be paying over $1200 in labour. Winter wheels are generally less expensive at the $400-$700 range & once you have them, there is little to no cost to have them rotated on & off twice a year. If you make your purchase at Cap-it, we offer free rotations for the life of the tires. Buying winter wheels will save you money!

Let me repeat, for tires and wheels bought at Cap-it, tire rotations are Free for the life of the tire.

#2. Made to last Canadian Winters

Winter driving conditions are hard on your wheels; our roads are treated with chemicals, salt, gravel, & sand. All of these factors cause damage to your original equipment & aftermarket wheels. Winter wheels have a full painted finish which resists against damage from road debris & corrosion.

#3. Factory wheels and tires not suitable for winter

Newer vehicles tend to come with larger wheels & lower profile tires to give the vehicle a sporty look & improve handling. They look & perform great in the summer but can be detrimental in the winter for traction & be expensive to replace. Purchasing a winter wheel package rather than just winter tires lets you change the size of the wheel & tire while maintaining the same overall height. Hence a winter tire and wheel package results in a less expensive package that performs better in winter conditions without being extremely expensive. In some cases buying a smaller diameter wheel & tire winter package for your vehicle is less expensive than just winter tires that fit on your original equipment wheels.

Well, there you have it. You can do the math yourself. Take the cost of mounting and balancing a new set of tires, multiply that by 2 (mount winter, then mount summer tires). Now multiply this number by 5 (Avg. life of a winter tire is 5 seasons). Finally, compare this number to the cost of a dedicated set of winter wheels. Moreover, we haven’t even considered the fact that now your tires and wheels will last longer and your vehicle will handle better through the year.

Read the infographic below for more clarity.

At Cap-it, we have winter tires and wheels at special club prices till the 31st of December 2018. Visit or call your nearest store for expert advice from your Cap-it Tire Experts.


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