Steve’s guide to oversized truck tires

Steve’s guide to Plus size winter tire options “All Weather Tires”

Depending on how large of a tire you run on your lifted truck, Jeep or SUV a true winter tire may become hard if not impossible to find in the size you need. However, All Weather tires for oversized applications are becoming very popular and easy to find. For this reason, “All Weather” tires have been gaining consumer popularity in the last few years.

What’s the difference between an All weather and an All season tire?

All weather tires have passed stringent tests to be considered safe in Canada’s severe winter conditions. For this reason, they bear the designated mountain snowflake winter tire symbol. All season tires are only designed for traction in spring, summer & fall.

All weather tires are constructed from a special rubber compound that will stay flexible below 7c and grip the road, like a true winter tire. All seasons use a compound that tends to harden up once below 7c, this causes a loss of traction in cold weather and can result in much longer stopping distances of up to 30 meters more than an all-weather or winter tire.

What makes All weather and winter tires better in Snow?

All weather tires have a more aggressive tread design, which also incorporates more siping. This allows the tire to grip on ice & snow and give you reliable traction and stability. All season tires come in all types of tread designs but have little to no siping on the tread blocks which cause sliding and traction loss on snow & ice.

All weather tires give you the best of both worlds. You can run these tires all year round which eliminates the need for 2 sets of tires and be confident knowing you will have traction in any weather condition. Now that you know the benefits of all-weather tires lets look at a few popular options Cap-it has for your vehicle.

One of our most popular sellers is the Amp A/T Pro tire, its available from OE sizes up to 35” diameter on 20” wheels. It offers a 95,000km tread life warranty, smooth ride, an impressive looking all-terrain tread pattern, and its priced extremely competitive. This is a great all weather option that won’t break the bank.

If you’d prefer a bit more of an aggressive look for your vehicle or happen to go on off-road adventures year round, then the Nitto EXO Grappler might be the choice for you. The EXO Grappler is available in OE sizes & up to 37” diameter on 20” wheels. The EXO Grappler is purpose-built for lifted trucks to 4-wheel in all 4 seasons. It has a hybrid tread design that combines all terrain with mud terrain all while using Nittos new all-weather tread compound. The EXO Grappler also incorporates a 3 ply sidewall on all sizes to help resist against punctures. For additional ice traction, the EXO Grappler is also studdable.

Finally, the Goodyear Duratrac, the Duratrac is one of the most aggressive all weather tires on the market. Available in OE sizes & up to 35” diameter on 20” wheels the Duratrac will have a size to fit your vehicle. With its aggressive tread design and heavily siped tread blocks, the Duratrac will give you extreme ice and snow traction in the winter & extreme off-road traction on your adventures. For additional ice traction, the Duratrac is also studdable.

Come into your local Cap-it store and let our sales staff help select the right tire for you & your vehicle. We offer same day or next day service & our TIA-certified technicians will install and balance your new tires. You’ll be confident knowing your vehicle has the right tire for your next adventure.


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