Cap-it Coolers are made of rotationally molded plastic, which allows us to make our coolers strong and provide optimum performance. The rotomolding process makes sure that each part has a consistent wall thickness and is free of imperfections, and that the products we deliver will hold up to the toughest abuse.



  • Limited Edition Cap-it Cooler 40qt
  • Industry Leading “Lifetime Warranty”
  • Bright vibrant Red color
  • Bear Certified
  • Made by Grizzly Coolers in the USA
  • Available in the most popular 40 quart size
    • 25.5″L x 16″W x 15 3/8″H
  • Holds 10 lbs. of ice with 66 12oz. cans of your favorite drink
  • Ice Retention between 5-7 days
  • 2″ Drain plug for fast discharge
  • Lockable so no one takes your cooler or steals your drinks
  • Sturdy molded rope handles

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