HID kits are the brightest aftermarket light with an output of approximately 6500 lumens. The BrightSource bulb is unique in the design of the glass tube with a patented spheroid design that focuses light on the reflector of the vehicle headlight better than LEDs and competing HID products. This makes for less glare and better light on the road. Our ballast is compact and incredibly stable. Vehicle Specific Kits have made thousands of drivers happy customers. Colour Output 5000 – 6000K.


HID Bulbs are still your brightest upgrade option. Having said that, LED Bulbs can have incredibly long bulb life and the LED Chip technology is constantly improving. BrightSource has a solution for your vehicle, whether it is our renowned Vehicle Specific Kits or our Universal Kits, in either technology.


  • Opticoupler Technology.
  • Eliminates flickering & light out dash warnings.
  • Works with auto function switch.
  • Neutralizes polarity issues, simplifies installation.
  • Vehicle specific components to make your upgrade solution simple.
  • Keeps headlights on in Dodge & Chrysler vehicles when turn signal operating.
  • Designed and manufactured in Canada.
  • 2 year warranty.

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