• 4 sizes available:

    37qt: 45.6lbs, H16.9″x W15″ x D27.8″

    50qt: 49.6lbs, H20″ x W15″” x D27.8″

    37qt: 54lbs, H16.9″x W17.7″ x D33.3″

    37qt: 59.7lbs, H20″x W17.7″ x D33.3″

  • 100% CFC free.
  • Ice free operation.
  • Low amp draw.
  • Integrated battery protection system (12/24V DC).
  • Solar panel & generator compatible.
  • Deep storage capacity for large upright bottles.
  • Built-in 12, 24 and 120 volt facility, making it ideal for use as a second fridge.
  • Fully removable lid (excluding Elements Fridge) & basket for easy access & cleaning.
  • Operates at extreme angles (up to 30°) without affecting operation or reliability.

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