Don’t let a flat stop your adventure.

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Cap-it was built as much for you as it was for your truck. With dozens of locations around North America, we want you to feel comfortable visiting our stores. It’s fun to browse our huge stock of wish list-worthy products, or to come see us with a specific product in mind. We are the truck people. You can feel at home here.

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Always be ready for Plan B. With the right attachments, compressors can inflate your vehicle’s air-thirsty elements, like tires and towing section airbags. When you want to hit the lake or camp in comfort, hook up your floaties or air mattresses to your compressor so your fun isn’t interrupted. With options that are sealed to keep out moisture or dust on the most rugged adventures, Cap-it carries a multitude of kits and easy to install attachments to give your compressor extra power.

At Cap-it, you’ll find two types of compressors: portable and onboard. Portable compressors are small and lightweight, draw power from a cigarette lighter plug, and are perfect for inflating a low tire. Onboard air compressors come in small and large sizes, with smaller ones installing neatly under your hood or under the vehicle. They can make enough air to inflate your air bags, or so you can use light duty air horns. The larger, higher output compressors are for the hardcore off-roader. They allow you to use air tools (like you would in a mechanic shop). You might know it as ‘onboard air’.

Whatever the case–and whatever product you choose–a compressor is the perfect way to get out of a tight spot. Don’t let a flat stop your adventure.

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