Tires and Wheels for Winter and Summer

Don’t let a surface decide where you can or can’t go.

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Cap-it was built as much for you as it was for your truck. With dozens of locations around North America, we want you to feel comfortable visiting our stores. It’s fun to browse our huge stock of wish list-worthy products, or to come see us with a specific product in mind. We are the truck people. You can feel at home here.

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Tires for Winter, Summer and Off Road adventure.

Tires give you the traction you need to take your life outdoors. The right set can arm your vehicle with the ability to safely take those tight corners, drive in wet and slippery conditions, and explore new heights. Master braking and handling like a pro. Put new truck wheels to the test. Go off-roading. Play in the mud. Yes, you can make it over that boulder. Do you need small, subtle tires? Oversized tires for your lifted truck? Something with deep enough tread to go off-roading on the most slippery terrain? Or do you want wheels that will make you proud enough to say “yeah, that one is mine”? Get a good grip on things--literally. Most Cap-it stores are full service tire and wheel dealers. With quality brands like Mickey Thompson, Dick Cepek, Hankook, General Tire, AMP, Ion, Niche, Mayhem and more, you’re going to ride smoother, look better, and feel really, really good about it. Whether you have all-season tires, winter tires or specialty tires, wheels make it easy to customize your ride’s appearance. When you take your chariot out on your next adventure, you should feel like a king or queen doing it. See you at the top!
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