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Cap-it was built as much for you as it was for your truck. With dozens of locations around North America, we want you to feel comfortable visiting our stores. It’s fun to browse our huge stock of wish list-worthy products, or to come see us with a specific product in mind. We are the truck people. You can feel at home here.

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What better way to explore your shores than on the water and in a kayak? Kayak trips make for great solo missions or challenging portage-heavy adventures. Kayaking is a great way to have fun while staying fit, and an easy way to get the family out on the water. Cap-it carries Pelican kayaks, amongst other brands.

Each Pelican kayak is unique and made in Canada–home to some of the world’s most beautiful, paddle-friendly landscapes. They’re lightweight yet durable, so getting them onto your roof rack is a breeze. Better yet, our line of kayaks won’t break the bank. Pelican kayaks are fun, safe, and affordable. Whether you’re enjoying family time, heading out solo, planning a long trip or changing up your exercise routine, picking up a kayak (or two) will be one of the best decisions you make this year.

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